Free introduction tothe trading basics, analysis methods and trading systems


Complete access to the closed forum with professional trade systems materials


Personal online educating and and complete access to the closed forum with professional trade systems materials


  •      Qualitative structured information confirmed by daily practice!
  •      Strategy can be used on any exchange in the world, on any instruments on any timeframes!
  •      Strict content of all trade systems, with the clear understanding of market, entry and exit points of the deals!
  •      The most effective entry points that allow to double or triple an account balance, though it is not even a limit!
  •      You will be able to earn in any market conditions: up trend, down trend, flat!
  •      You will be able to trade anywhere and anytime: at work, at home, at your summer residence or even lying under a palm on a beach!
  •      You won’t be alone. Upon the course completion your access to materials and discussion remains active!
  •      Within 2 weeks you will make/commit your first trade and in a month will start trading!


Advantages of professional trading

We will help you to orientate in spaces of markets, finances, currencies, investments, quotations. We promise you will understand system as good as an experienced currency trader

Analytic and Market Forecasts

You should always analyze financial market situation thoroughly and quickly before to take any decisions on it. You will understand what takes place in the market right now and which decision to accept

Money Management in trading

Margin Call? The severe majority of novice traders are looking for a miracle system that gets them rich immediately. And oly a few understand that in order to the trade system (ТS) worked it must be based on MM.

Technical analysis

Technical analysis is a method of forecasting prices by considering the market movement graphs for previous periods. You will not have a dual perception of the market if ou use our traiding system

Professional trade systems

Our trading systems are formalized, have an unambiguous entry point, beforehand known stoploss setting level, deals protection and maintenance algorithm, clear conditions of closing the position. You have to follow only

Trade and discussion

During the training period and after you still have access to the analytics, trading systems, current trade discusions and full co-operation with teachers and other school traders



The most important thing for novice traders - to get proper basic education, to understand the essence of the market, its conceptual mechanism. Even having all the abundance of information about trading, it is very difficult to get a true understanding about it


Trader’s Psychology is the most underestimated trading theme on the financial markets, but psychology is a key factor whether you become a trader-winner or drop off your deposit and join the army of losers


The main activity of the professional trader is the strategy periodic adjustment. This makes it possible to gain constantly year by year. Same time robots stop working when global algorithms on the market are changed and lose deposit at the end


Pavel Artamonov


Many traders lose their first deposit, but the one, who does not stop and continues to move toward the goal, takes all.

Elena Dementieva


It is just a small part to be able to trade yourself. Much more important to teach others to become successful trader.

Oleg Kuprin


The most pleasant thing in the life is to stay independent but you understand this when you achieve this.


Pavel Artamonov

I’m traiding on financial markets since 2009 with a basic specialization is the futures. I have developed my own trade systems. Five years ago I’ve started to implement my own strategy, as I was convinced that my idea is one of the best. Currently it makes a good profit at low risk regardless of market fluctuations. The system allows you not only to save money, it gives an opportunity to makes good profit continuously, year by year.

Oleg Kuprin

I’m traiding professionaly on financial markets since 2010, basically currency pairs and automatic/automated trading with strict content approach. Aa a professional trader and assets manager, my trading principle is based on a rule - resources safety is always higher than the expected return.

About School

We decided to roll out our new Project in 2015 to provide professional and quality training on our traiding system to all persons willing to start this journy. Many investment firms use this strategy, but only a few succeed. The way of implementation is the biggest difference between resounding success and complete failure. System should be developed and the effective combination of methods and analyzes to be continuously improved to stay successful.


I took the standard course from a broker before training and comparing to this one, I want to say it is completely different now. No one from my previous teachers could explain me the situation that clear as this school. After taking the training about professional trading systems, I know the input signals and can safely trade and earn on my own.

Sergey Mironov

The trading system was exactly the one I was looking for. I used to learn a lot from free webinars, but still decided to undergo real training. Now I can say that I haven’t any question about the system. The system gives you a cler answer on a question when to trade and when to followup the situation.

Anna Surikova

I’m very thankful to your school. I found here exectly what I needed. Honestly, I didn’t expect much, but got a lot in understanding market price movement. It is really nice to see trading system is strictly formalized. I’m eager to start using my previous experience combined with lessons learned from you to get better result.

Anatoly Shustov



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